The 10 best placements for a cross tattoo!

In a former article we presented 5 top ideas for cross tattoos: minimal, abstract, celtic, tiny and tribal. Now look at 10 suggested placements that in our opinion are the best to feature a cross tattoo discreetly yet in style.

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#1 Mininal black cross tattoo on forearm

This cross tattoo and its placement fit perfectly with an indie rock fashion look!

Mininal black cross tattoo on forearm


#2 Cross tattoo on the ribs, right below the armpit.

Show it off, just like the Spanish top model Sheila Marquez in the photo, with big-V opening in the armpits and indie fashion style.

Sheila Marquez' cross tattoo on side ribs


#3 Thin cross tattoo on the inner forearm.

Plain and simple.

cross tattoo on the inner forearm.


#4 On the side of the back

Centering is boring! For a more charming result place your tattoos on the side of the back. We love this combination with the vertical quote tattoo on the ribs.

cross tattoo on the back


#5 On the inside of the wrist

Again, choose an oblique spot! Combine it with luxury fashion accessories. Lengthen the bottom part of the cross, it fits the spot. The result is just perfect.

cross tattoo on wrist


#6 Small cross tattoo on the inside of the fingers


Dare to have a small cross tattoo on the fingers with an elegant twist for a more discreet result: “hide” half the cross on the inner part of the finger and lengthen the bottom part in a way that it embraces the finger like a ring.

small cross tattoo on fingers


#7 On the back of the hand

Combine it with various accessories like statement bracelets for a dynamic fashion look.

cross tattoo on the hand


#8 On the edge of the hand

Why not? It's a nice placement!

cross tattoo on the edge of the hand


#9 Medium-sized cross tattoo on the back shoulder

A classic tattoo placement. Prefer to have an artful tattoo like in the photo e.g. Celtic style.

celtic Medium-sized cross  tattoo on back shoulder


#10 Statement cross tattoo

In this photo the centering on the base of the back of the neck, shows of a statement tattoo and we like it as much as the girl`s fresh teen look!

cross tattoo on neck

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